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Andy at his podium on CONAN.

Andy Richter is a comedian who serves as Conan's sidekick on O'Brien's current show, CONAN. He also served as Conan's sidekick during the first six years of Late Night, and returned as The Tonight Show 's announcer.

Andy on CONANEdit

On CONAN, Richter stands at his podium on the right hand side of the stage. As Conan's sidekick, he usually responds to most of the jokes Conan makes, even if only a chuckle. But a lot of the time, to make comedy, Andy makes slight fun of Conan. Andy is incorporated into many segments, such as Basic Cable Name That Tune and the US Citizenship Test. Andy takes an active role in conversations with celebrities as well.

Andy's PodiumEdit

Andy's podium takes a changing role. He often jokes about leaving it in the middle of the show.

The plain old podium, however, has seen many phases, including:
  • Podium + Segway
  • The Pogo Podium
  • Briefly becoming Conan's for a few moments.

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