In The Year 2000, with Stephen Colbert

In The Year 3000 is a sketch first shown on the June 3rd show. It is an updated version of the Late Night sketch, In The Year 2000.


In The Year 2000Edit


Originally a sketch from Late Night, In The Year 2000 was a sketch in which Conan and Andy, or one of the guests, would proclaim it is time to look "into the future." While the sketch started before the year 2000, the segment remained with the same name, for comic purposes.

In the sketch, Conan and a fellow guest would wear a black smock with alien-like elements around the neck, while the normal lights are turned down, and green lights are turned on. While an eerie music plays in the background, LaBamba sings in a high-pitched voice the title of the sketch, and is being followed by Conan or the guest, holding a flashlight under their faces, in their predictions on the Year 2000, which would often related to current news.

In The Year 3000Edit


On the third show of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Conan proclaimed, for the first time since the end of Late Night, that it was time to look into the future. Andy was surprised to discover that nothing has changed since he left Late Night all those years ago. Noting that it is 2009, Andy suggested a change - even with the smocks, which he claimed to be the "ratty, old smocks." Conan then agreed to look into the "real", distant future. During Andy's objections to the return of the well-known sketch, the audience was booing Andy's reasoning.

A new screen title appeared, presenting this sketch as "In The Year 3000", with new-looking shoulder-covers ascending from the ceiling, featuring red flashing lights. Conan claimed "these cost a lot of money", while Andy noted "they kinda smell bad", to which Conan agreed. With a burst of laughter, Conan asked LaBamba, wearing the same shoulder-covers, to start again.



June 3rd, 2008Edit

The segment was co-hosted by Andy Richter, for the first time on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.