Pleasing the Affiliates
Pleasing the Affiliates
 was a recurring sketch on Late Night with Conan O'Brien where Conan would try various gimmicks in order to please specific NBC affiliate stations from around the United States.


November 19th, 1998

  • WMCW in Madison, WI requests that Conan and Andy interact more with their studio audience. Conan responds by showing five audience members of whom they have formed some long-lasting relationships with, consisting of four pregnant women and one effeminate man.
  • Rochester, VI asks if Conan could make the show funnier. Conan and Andy respond by agreeing to the request, and then moving on, without any example given of how they plan to do so.
  • Macon, GA asks if Conan can jazz up the show with more "southern style sexiness". He responds by showing script supervisor Mike Leonard, propmaster Bobby Bowman, and Max Weinberg all dressed like Daisy Mae Duke from "The Dukes of Hazard".
  • Chicago, Utah and North Carolina affiliates all state that their viewers really miss their NBA basketball due to the 1998–99 NBA lockout. Conan tries to cheer up these viewers by introducting a new character, The Reverend Otis K. Dribbles.
  • KTZY in Phoenix, AZ requests to see more "behind the scenes" action on the show. Conan responds by showing a clip from rehearsal of he and Andy going over the "Pleasing the Affiliates" sketch and discussing how they could use that very clip to extend the bit.
  • WJDY in Gary, IL asks that Conan stop referencing the city as having the highest murder rate per capita in the United States. Conan moves to set things right by showing live footage of Pearl Junction, WY where the town's only three residents have guns pointed at each other, which are then fired, making them the new "murder capital".
  • KNBY in Nebraska requests that Conan "steam up the show" as they have been losing viewers to more risque programming. Conan responds by holding the first "Late Night Character Orgy".