Terrance Baxter

Terrance Baxter, played by Brian Stack.

Terrance Baxter 
is a Late Night with Conan O'Brien character who debuted on April 6th, 2001 in the sketch New Spring Characters. He is a spiritual medium who can talk to ghosts; even finger-ghosts.


Terrance: On this very night, seven years ago, in this very studio, there was a terrible accident. A stagehand was on a ladder, adjusting a spotlight when he slipped and fell eight feet to the hard floor below. He tried to break his fall with his hands, but he landed in such a way that when he hit the floor, he snapped the index finger of his right hand clean off. And some say, when the studio is full, and the moon is out, the finger comes back, and tries to reclaim the hand that it belonged to.