The Twitter Tracker is a sketch first shown on the second show of The Tonight Show.



Cream of Twitts - One of the many "promising" headings.

On the June 2nd show, Conan addressed the website Twitter, which became an international phenomenon, leading celebrities to create their own accounts and using them on a daily basis. Conan claimed that he will keep his eyes open, waiting for updates to come up, which he will share with the audience. At that moment, an over-enthusiastic announcer introduced the sketch.

The announcer, which kept addressing Conan as "bro", presented several headlines for this segment, mainly ones that attempted to present this sketch as an exciting part of the show. As the segment kept going on, Conan became tried of the obnoxious announcer, and demanded him to stop calling him "bro", resulting in a headline asking "Bros's A No No for CoCo?", a name which Tom Hanks adapted for Conan during the same show.

Further on, after reading the "tweet of the week", the headline went on to chop the Bird's head, following protests from Conan. Commenting that the last "tweet" was lame, Conan led the announcer to warn him not to "Crap on the app", "spit on the tweet" or "flush the tweeter down the --", when Conan stopped him, reminding him they are on TV. The announcer finally left, filling the screen with the segment's headline.

The segment returned a week later, continuing the tradition of promising, exciting headlines that kept harming the Twitter logo of the bird. In addition, the announcer continued calling Conan "Co Co".


June 2, 2009Edit

Going to the grocery store.
Need Some fixins for a salad.
This line is insane.
Am I ever going to get my latte?
Just saw the new Star Trek movie!
Wow! Really good.

June 9, 2009Edit

OMG! I just broke another heel.
I'm still getting used to my new car,
I kind of miss my old one.
Just got some bomb grub at
Burger King.

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